Rip MPEG Video Files form a VCD

Yes, a VCD!

I have to deal with VCDs, especially the encrypted ones, when HD videos are ravaging our players.

At first, I took for granted and I thought it was a piece of cake. I just need a video convertor to convert the .dat files to .avi or .mpeg files (actually, the video format of a VCD is exactly MPEG).

This way is good for those normal VCDs, and I have converted several Tai-Chi tutorial VCDs for my coworkers. However, it does not work with the encrypted VCDs! The convertor hangs in middle and I gotta wait for it “done” and get only a part of the video or kill the process of the convertor.

Then I have to ask the disk image software for help, like UltraISO. Everything relating to a disk, consult this kind of software.

Now, do it! I am using a v9.5.3.2901, a Chinese version for demonstration, it is only RMB30! Buy a lincense if you need it bad! However, the multi-lingual version costs USD29.95, a lot more expensive, right? Study Chinese and save your money! 😀

Here is the main window of UltraISO:
The upper part is the file system of the disk, and the lower part is that of your computer. (Have no idea when they added a “My ISO Files” directory, which is quite thoughtful to users.)


Go to the “MPEGAV” directory, and you will see the files under this directory.


Ok, look, I just do it once! Right click the file you want to rip, and you get four options:

1. Extract;
2. Extract to…;
3. Extract MPEG file;
4. Extract MPEG file to…;


These four options will:

1. Rip the .dat file to “My ISO Files” directory;
2. Rip the .dat file to a directory to be desinated;
3. Rip the .dat file as a .mpeg file to “My ISO Files” directory;
4. Rip the .dat file as a .mpeg file to a directory to be desinated;

Easy, right? I would like to point out that you will not have to wait a long time, as I said above, the .dat files are .mpeg files! It is just like copying the .dat files from the disk to your computer!








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