PgcDemux Experience Sharing – How to grab movies title by title from a DVD

Just came across some friends who do not know how to demux the movies title by title from a DVD. I would like to share an easy way with you guys: by using PgcDemux!

PgcDemux is a free software, and the latest version is v1.2.0.5, it demuxes original video and audio files from a DVD, and you can even grab out a .vob file. Click here to find out more information of the software.

Main interface:
PgcDemux 主界面

1. Select the .ifo file from the target DVD (a DVD may have several PGCs, and each PGC may have more than one VOB. The example DVD has only one PGC that contains four VOBs.):

PgcDemux 选择IFO文件
PgcDemux 选择IFO文件

2. Select the output folder:
PgcDemux 选择输出目录

3. Settings:
3.1 Mode: For a single PGC DVD, here we select “by VOB id”;
3.2 Options: Choose the desired output file settings;
3.3 VOB ID Selection: Choose to grab target by menu or by title;
PgcDemux 输出设置

These settings are what I suggest (for general use like further re-coding, etc.): 1) “by VOB ID”; 2) “Creat a PGC VOB”, “One file per VID”; 3) “Titles”. With these settings you can easily grab all movies from your DVD title by title.

Alright, one more thing you should do is hitting the “Process” button!

1) PgcDemux is unable to rip batch titles from a DVD, and you have to do it manually;
2) You MUST change the output folder when grabbing next title, because PgcDemux is not changing the output filename automatically but only popping up a dialog confirming file overwriting;  so change the output folder, or overwrite the files after saving them somewhere else.
3) Hope the author can read this blog and improve PgcDemux.








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