Mini Raspbian

Brief Intro.:

  1. Login name and password: root, raspberry;
  2. Desktop and many libraries deleted;
  3. Timezone set to be UTC+8, coding set to be en_US UTF-8;
  4. Based on 2015-05-05-raspbian-wheezy.img, kernel version is 3.18;
  5. Rpi community tools included, like raspi-config, and rpi-update etc.;
  6. Kernel can be updated using rpi-update to latest GitHub version (recently 4.1?);
  7. Sources changed to be Aliyun (good for Chinese Rpi fans), using jessie repo, thanks to Alibaba Group and its affiliates that supports Linux and Rpi communities in China!
  8. .img file is about 1.4g, real size after burning into a TF card is less than 800m, which is good for a 2g TF card, too;
  9. Little RAM consuming, about 75M after booting;


  1. The ripping is good for CLI users, and those who want GUI please find another suitable OS image;
  2. Change password for root as soon as possible after your first boot;
  3. Regenerate host keys of OpenSSH using below command:
    rm /etc/ssh/ssh_host_* && dpkg-reconfigure openssh-server
  4. If necessary, change timezone using:
    dpkg-reconfigure tzdata
  5. If necessary, change locale using:
    dpkg-reconfigure locales
  6. If necessary, change any other settings using:

Download here Password: iyjx








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